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Are these air filters any good?

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    Are these air filters any good?

    Tell me what you guys think comparing these to uni-pod filters.

    Thank you

    Yusef Khan
    Honda Hawk->1st bike
    2000 miles in 1st two weeks of riding with Hawk.

    Some of the issues you might run in to are: correct diameter for carb barrels, width (they might interfere with other components, Uni's are thinner) and the top of my Uni's bend a little from the underneath of the tank (mine is an F3). Price wise the Uni pods may be a bit more but are known to work. My two pennies.
    1986 Honda NS400R
    1988 Honda Hawk GT

    Keep your feet on the pegs and your right hand cranked.


      i got k&n's with the chrome tops, that you still can get if you want to pay 70-80 for them

      and if you want to check for clearance i can mesure the hight and diameter of mine

      for the price it might be worth a try
      but dont forget you get what you pay for.
      1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51