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spits and sputters with the choke on ?

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    spits and sputters with the choke on ?

    Just got my carbs back from carb cleaning at the shop and I installed them and have been running it for the last week. I took the end baffle out of the stock exhaust tip.

    anyways the bike spits and sputters a little bit with the choke on (not terribly bad) and when I take the choke off after shes warm she purrs.

    Is this normal or do I need a carb sync or a jet kit?

    Also I took the stock muffler off with just the headers on and started it up and it sounded INSANE! Sounded awesome to me but I could start to hear the engine get noisey and knock so I shut her off immediately.

    Put the stock muffler back on and shes fine. I was going to cut the 'tumor' off but it didnt seem like a good idea cause it was probably making it run really lean.

    When you guys modify the exhaust or put an aftermarket one on is the simple fix to just get a new jet kit for it?

    and how do you know what jet kit to get?

    I like the bikes performance I love the sound. I just want it to be louder....while not screwing anything up

    Mmm... do a search on this... I actually posed a similar question recently in terms of the noise level and modifications necessary with stock exhausts.
    Quick synopsis: increase noise = ditch airbox and get unipod filters
    mods to the stock muffler yield little noise and little power gain (even with a jet kit)

    That sputtering your experiencing probably indicates that your jetting is off... the other guys can give you a better idea. How is your tachometer when you blip the throttle in neutral? I only ask because based on your description your carbs were not synchronized by the shop (kind of hard to do when they aren't attached to your bike).
    You know your a hawkaddict when you check ebay and craigslist every hour for parts to upgrade


      what and where do you get the unipod filters? would that make it run leaner?

      when I blip it in neutral it seems fine. I do want to bring it in for a carb sync but was wondering if I needed to do the jet kit thing first


        SO go to they have a stage 3 jet kit, unipod filters, and breather that you will need (comes as a kit/package deal). Reasonably priced... Definitely rejet before synching unless you have $$$ to throw around Lots of info on the forum about this in addition...
        You know your a hawkaddict when you check ebay and craigslist every hour for parts to upgrade


          yeah I was just checking it. I think I m going to get it! anything for more sound.


            An f3 jet kit and pods is rather overkill for the stock exhaust I'd have thought?
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              I asked JD at hordpower about using the jet kit package with the stock exhaust... he actually said it is okay to run, but might need slight adjustment to the factory pro jet kit settings, that he would be happy to help you with. Maybe a slight increase in power he said, but I wouldn't count on it.
              You know your a hawkaddict when you check ebay and craigslist every hour for parts to upgrade


                I d cut the that box baffle off the stock exhaust if I got the kit.