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Quick question about the air cleaner...

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    Quick question about the air cleaner...

    I removed the casing from the bike and am trying to open it to get at the paper element, but every single one of the screws seems to be welded tight! Is this case supposed to be replaced as a sealed unit or is it openable?


    Nevermind, power tools to the rescue.


      mine was like that the first time i ever tried to do it. was a total PITA to unscrew.

      now its easy.. with the miles i used ride, i replaced the filter about ever 4 months..... so it never had time to stick.

      now i have some pods on there. even easier! lol.


        Mine was obviously like that once. The POs solution was to literally rip the airbox lid off, leaving the screws in place, and refit using tape.
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