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    Snags along the way

    So as a couple of you know Im building a hawk From ground up, the way I want and trying to go slow to get it right the first time .
    Well today me and my dad spent the day in the garage modifying the hub for the VFR wheel and doing other fixes and things. So we get the hub done, wheel fits great, Then I go to mount the tire on the rim. I get it mounted to find that the 170/60/17 dunlop qualifier is slightly rubbing the swingarm!!! WTF. I did all the measurements. this tire should fit?? right so we check to make sure we did the hub properly,YES!! then check to make sure the wheels are ture and in track with one another, YES. Then I measure the tire width 180.3MM !!!!!WTF its a 170 that when installed on a 5.5" rim is 180.3 wide . So I measure his Bridgestone 170/60/17 on his Ducati and it measures out at 173MM thats not bad. so I then measure the 150/60/17 he has on his Hawk and its 158MM WTF!!

    Why do tire manufactures put the sizes on the danm tires if they are off by 10MM or a whole tire size.

    I have the dunlop qualifiers on all my other bikes and I love them. so it looks like I will go with a 160/60/17 and it will really be 170/60/17 after its mounted!!

    Has anyone else run into this issue? has anyone else ran a dunlop qualifier 170/60/17 on a 5.5 vfr wheel?

    moral of the rant!!

    Dunlop 170/60/17 measures 180.3 on 5.5 wheel
    bridgestone 170/60/17 measures 173 on 5.5 wheel
    Bridgestone 150/60/17 measures 158 on 5" wheel

    Hope this helps someone else in the future!!


    Nope. Used all sorts of 170 tyres on the rear (vfr8 wheel) and no rubbing. No dunlops admittedly.
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      I had dunlop 207s(really crap) on my blade when i bought it. The rear 190 section was huge! we put a tape measure across it and it was actually wider than the 200 section on my mates ZX12 r



        When I bought my Hawk, it had a 180 Dunlop 207 on a VFR 5 spoker. I bought another 207 to replace it, but it rubbed on the swingarm. Therefore, identical tires are not always the same size, either.
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          So how is everyone combating this issue?

          Run smaller tire ? or clearencing something? but I really dont want to grind my swinger


            buy bridgestones!



              When I used 207GP*'s a few times on my Hawk ( Marchesini rear rim) they'd rub when they'd get hot even after I ground enough of a clearance for em to not rub when cold.Meh,never really bothered me that much- at least not enough to grind even more but I suppose I should have.


                Can't really help, I'm running stock size Metzelers.
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                  this is just how it is.
                  All the manufacturers do things differently.
                  I've also heard that Dunlops also 'grow' the most when you actually get the wheel rolling.
                  IIRC there was an incident with a batch of tyres used for AMA Daytona and they grew so much on the banking that some teams had to move the wheel back in the swing arm to stop the tyre hitting the 'back' of the SA.
                  Michelins apparently dont grow.