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Measuring points for rear sag

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    Measuring points for rear sag

    Everywhere i've looked seems to suggest that I measure rear sag between two very subjective points on the rear axle and subframe. Suggestions are then made in mm rather than percentage of full range at those particular points. No consideration seems to be given to the fact that these points are on the end of a lever away from the shock.

    To anyone who can spare a minute to explain it. How can to tuners using different measure points still work on the same number of mm of sag.

    Where is the best place to measure between on the hawk and what kind of Free/static sag figures do you guys have.

    I have seen the very detailed setup instructions in the Faq which suggests going vertically up from the axle but hot can you apply this to two different bikes with two different swingarm lengths.

    Any light shed on the subject would be a great help as I've read just about everything there ois about it on the net and there is no further explanation to be found which takes into account the length of the swing arm and the actual shock travel.
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    Are there some guideline sag numbers somewhere out there specifically for the Hawk?
    1988 Hawk
    Shuriken 1000


      I agree that it seems rather arbitrary but I think the point is total wheel movement rather than shock movement.

      the general thing is that you measure from the axle nut to some point on the subframe directly above the axle i.e. perpendicular to the ground.

      That way the ratio of the shock linkage makes no difference to the overall amount of sag.
      Plus it is as you say a subjective thing so you use those numbers as a starting point for YOU and YOUR bike!!