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In search of reliable engine builder

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  • In search of reliable engine builder

    Not for myself, but for a friend who refuses to connect to the web...can anyone recommend a Hawk engine builder who is a reliable pro and does quality work? He's gotten burned by two different guys in the last two years. Stories that belong on Oprah. Thanks.

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    Without a doubt, JD Hord.

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      Ya Hord is the guy to talk to. Have your friend talk to him about doing a big bore while doing the rebuild... I'm sure he'd give you a deal and he will not be unhappy with the results
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        Originally Posted by Ross
        Without a doubt, JD Hord.
        ^^^^^ what he/they said.

        I've bought parts from him and he's all but a legend in the Hawk Community. From mild to wild, JD will hook you up
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          Thanks, it looks like he's a good man. I'll pass it along. This was already a fairly pumped up engine in a bike with a 954 front end with custom triple clamps and a Penske in the back. It ran like a scalded dog before it had crank problems, and he tried out a new guy on the engine. That's when it got complicated.