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CBR900 RR rear shock is it worth the effort or not

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    CBR900 RR rear shock is it worth the effort or not

    I have read considerable posts re the CBR900 shock replacement, I would appreciate a once and for all answer as to whether this mod makes a significant improvement to the rear suspension and is therefore worth the effort involved, I would naturally prefer an after market shock but bearing in mind the cheapest Wilbers shock will be in excess of NZ$800.00 and a Penske NZ$900.00 landed in New Zealand this isn't really an option.
    I have Race Tech springs and emulators fitted, this has made a colossal
    improvement to the front end
    89 650 Bros
    Race Tech Springs and Cartridge Emulators

    Frankly dude I would say no its not worth it.
    Firstly there is a fair bit of work involved, which in of itself isn't too daunting BUT IMO the shock itself is just wrong.
    The whole shock and spring are designed for a bike that has a particular swing arm to shock ratio (4 or 5:1??) and that sure as shit aint the same as the Hawks direct linkage.
    That means that you need to change the spring, not too hard, but the biggie is the valving in the shock.
    This will almost certainly not be what the Hawk needs. And I dont know if you can change the valving in a stock CBR shock.

    I think its better to save and get a shock that is valved and set up for the application its designed for.
    The CBR shock might work but definitely wont work as WELL as a bike specific unit.



      i am with brewsy.

      i waited a month until i could find the fox shock i wanted on e-bay and i love that thing. i am sure it could use a revalve and all, but so far, after two good workouts on the track and 3 months of city commuting it works great, right out of the box.

      the wilburs shock is supposed to perform well also.

      the right tool for the right job.
      '88 hawk with sporty mods
      '76 bmw r90 with sporty mods
      '71 honda cb 350 racebike


        I agree with the guys above BUT...

        You can get a 900rr shock CHEAP, It does increase the ride height (and Hawks LOVE ride height) If this is all you can get I say do it. It IS NOT worse than the stock shock.

        I have an old Progressive 415 I would sell if I could get it outta the swingarm!
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          I have a differing opinion: the stock shock wasn't good when new and is worse now.
          A 900RR shock is not as good as a Penske or Wilbers or used Fox even but is it better than stock? Hell yeah- especially with the extra ride height.Considering that it's often possible to buy one already modded for ~ $75-100 when someone decided to upgrade to whatever they choose or that if you're handy,it's a cheap conversion I'd say it's worth it.

          When it comes to suspension-the best you know is the best you've ridden and I think for the great majority of riders it's as much a mental issue having confidence in the bike as anything.Most riders wouldn't notice if someone screwed with their suspension settings any more than they notice their tires being 7-8lbs down...My Hawk has the *wrong* spring on it - it should supposedly be shit for anyone over 160lbs but ya know,strangely enough I've had I guess 2 dozen people ride the damn thing as hard as a Hawk gets ridden on the street down in GA and _not a single person_ has ever noticed that my shock is too soft.Just sayin'...

          I have Fox TC's on 3 of the 4- 900RR shock replaced a Progressive on that one as I needed the ride height and don't do anything other than putter on it anyway...just needed the leg room.


            What are those Progressives like Doc?

            JD has the model 420 at what seems a very reasonable price, and I'm sorely tempted to save up for one, and get suitable Race Tech front springs off JD while I am at it.

            Biggest issue maybe, is whether the standard spring is 'good enough' and whether JD can maybe provide and fit something more suited for it and my weight/riding style (fast road).

            Have to save up and have a chat with JD when I've got some money again I think.

            The Hagon monoshock (includes spring) and fork spring setup looks pretty good value too, but I'd really like to support JD if I can.


              Lets just say the Old Progressive is better than the stock and RR but not as good as the Penske, Ohlins, Wilburs. I would say it is about equal to a Fox, maybe a little less from what I have heard.

              It is fully adjustable. This one would need a rebuild.
              BIKES: Honda: RC31 Racebike/ NT650 Streetbike, DUCATI: None at the moment.
              Former MSF Rider Coach / Trackday Instructor/ Expert Roadracer #116
              "I'd rather ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow."


                Thanks for the insight Doc, very much appreciated.

                As with my luck I'd get clobbered with import taxes and who knows what else even on a secondhand one, I think a new one from JD would be about ideal for me (especially as could get the fork springs sourced from JD at the same time as well, plus maybe some servicing bits, to make more sense of the postage costs).


                  Doc I am interested in the shock if it is in reasonable condition (not rusted all to hell) and you are able to remove it.

                  Sending a PM to you.
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