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  • Clip on install

    Hey there, I was going to install a set of after market clip ons to give my bike a less upright feel on my bike. Could anyone give me some input on the finer points (problems that may arise or things to avoid wrecking) on the install. Even better, is there a write up some where to show a step by step guide on an "easy installation"?javascript:emoticon('')

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    Get the stock clipons from a CBR F2 and they just bolt on. Cheap and easy! You love the stance and will probably never go back.
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      You will need to buy new cables, due to the bars being lower.
      It cost me about $120 for new cables at my local shop, and I even got a steel braided brake line. My new cables are approx. 2" shorter.

      I rode for a while with the stock cables and clipons, but they were all binding, the clutch cable finally made its way too close to my exhaust and
      got toasted.
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