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new shock - how much chain adjustment

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    new shock - how much chain adjustment

    I am sick of the standard height of the Bros is too small and would like to move the seat height up by about 1 to 2 inch with a new shock
    The question is how much chain adjustment will be needed

    I have just put on a new chain from JD and would not like to change it.
    With that kind of height adjustment what else need modifying
    side stand?

    the chain length is the same.

    the first chain problem is, the more you tilt the swingarm down, the "closer" it gets to the front sprocket.
    because its closer, its going to have more slack in it (because it still needs enough slack for when the suspension compresses.)

    the second chain problem is that it will hit the bottom of the frame.. a chain roller fixes that and helps mask the first problem some.

    the sidestand can be spaced out away from the frame... although i havent tried this yet. i dont know how it effects ground clearance.
    a second option is to cut the side stand leg, and lengthen it... once more, i havent tried that yet, and i dont know its effect on clearances.