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TBR 1mm OS valves

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    TBR 1mm OS valves

    Ive just been given a new set of the TBR inlet valves. Anyone had any experience with them ??. Do they make any difference to the engine performance ?? How are they compared to hords 2mm OS valves ??

    No benefit what-so-ever.

    You will need to have the seats cut by a machine shop if you hope to get any value from the swap. Even then the benefit is questionable.
    Now you need to ask yourself if you want to replace other items like valve springs... how about cams...

    Also while the heads are off you mind as well get some port work done. Then why not slide the cylinders off, just for a peek... heck as long as its apart AND your going to the machinist anyway how about you order up some bigger pistons, 1mm... oh maybe 3mm as long as I'm doing it I should just go for it.

    No those valves are gateway drug, it's best to just leave them in the blister pack.
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      Re: TBR 1mm OS valves

      Originally Posted by atgreg
      How are they compared to hords 2mm OS valves ??
      I'd say about 1mm smaller. Sorry, I could not resist. Like Crash says, don't expect anything major from them, but they are a step in the correct direction. A good valve job, with seat insert ID boring, and porting... they will help give you some added steam. Anything you can do to go bigger than the stock 26mm valves is a positive thing.
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        for the record, the 50cc honda i was messing with the other night has the same size valves as our hawks...