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electrical problem - tail light wont shut off sometimes

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    electrical problem - tail light wont shut off sometimes

    I got the problem where when I turn my ignition off, sometimes my tail light wont shut off.. I have to turn it to the on position then shut it off again till it goes off.. Ive killed my battery a few times not knowing Ive left the tail light on from before.

    Has this happened to anyone, and Im wondering where on the harness I should check?

    Sorry, Im a bit of a noob with my hawk, but I'm ready to go thru its electricals and learn in inside out..

    Ignition switch position / Tailight

    There is a position on the ignition switch which when the key is removed turns the taillight on, you may have turned the key to far when removing it
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      Remove the 10 amp fuse in the fuse box labeled "parking" your problem will go away "I think"


        Hey thanks. Heh.. I guess it's a "new" feature I just learned as I parked my bike this evening. I guess my ignition switch is old and worn, it doesnt "click" and stay in the off position and goes past into 'park'.. I'm going to yank that fuse.


          taillight on to park: some kind of European thing.
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