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  • Desperate part request...

    Hey fellow Hawkers... I have an urgent part request here.

    My Hawk was trashed about a month ago, when an SUV pulled right out in front of me. The whole front end was toast. I took it to a mechanic friend and ordered a whole mess of parts. I finally got them in the other day, but now I find out that my mechanic friend is closing is his shop and moving away... NEXT WEEK.

    My problem is that once I took off the mangled front end, I found that the triple tree and lower tripple clamp were fooked. I have everything I need to put her back together, EXCEPT for that tripple tree/tripple clamp. And my Hawk has to leave this guy's shop, one way or another, by Wednesday or Thursday of next week. Right now she's hanging from a hook, sans front end, and I don't relish the thought of trailering her out of there in this state.

    I know this is a total longshot, but does anyone have an extra tripple tree/lower tripple clamp that they could overnight me? I'd paypal you handsomely for it...


    Bikes: 88 Hawk, 97 VFR, 06 V-Strom 650

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    Have you put a mesage on

    I think the 41mm CBR600 triple is the same but this needs to be confirmed
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      Yeah, I copied that message to the list. There are one or two possible leads.

      I was also thinking of using the CBR F1/F2 lower triple clamp & tree, but like you said, I'm not sure if they'd mate up with the stock upper clamp.
      Bikes: 88 Hawk, 97 VFR, 06 V-Strom 650