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    Deauville Fuel Tank

    I really like the shape (yeah honest) and capacity (seems like I'm just getting into the journey, and I'm already looking for somewhere to fuel up with the stock tank), and managed to pick one up in excellent condition on Ebay (apart from a slight bend in the front bracket which is going to be cut off anyway, along with removal of the forward side tabs) for 5.50 (hehe).

    Fuel tap outlet looks to be no problem. There are two other short pipes into the tank, the smallest I would guess is the overflow. Would the slightly bigger one be for a fuel return pipe, and ok to weld closed?

    The custom front mount looks like it will have to pull the tank forward about an inch for a nice fit.

    The airbox is going to have to go and be replaced by Unipods (a humungous amount of extra fuel capacity in that area).

    Fuel line mount bracket holding the fuel outlet and carb feed pipes is going to have to go (a fair bit of extra fuel capacity in that area too).

    Where the seat wraps around the rear of the tank, is a bit wider, so something custom is going to have to be done there I think.

    I really fancy the shape of the tank suits a Triton type styling cafe racer look, so it's head scratching time with the options.

    If I stick with a standard look seat surround (I don't mind it at all), as it'll all end up being painted, I think one of fabi's glassfibre ones would be perfect, and maybe topped off with a Corbin Gunfighter (giving that 'fastback' look). Balancing the look of the tank with something a little larger and shapelier seat wise (behind a solo seat sorta thing) wouldn't be a bad idea either.

    I'm a bit worried about the seat being overwhelmed by the tank (beautiful as it is - to me anyway) if I'm not careful.

    An NTV top yoke, with its integrated bar mounts, could help with lowering the look of the tank, and I wouldn't rule it out, but being wrapped around a big tank was part of the old cafe racer 'thing' anyway.

    When it stops raining, I'll grab some up close piccys.

    Any thoughts?

    It'll be a while before I get things moving on it, because my welder had an accident in Thailand on holiday, and has a badly broken arm, and is still out there.

    Wow Ribbit, you certainly seem to be good at finding these bargains on ebay I'm looking forward to seeing some pics soon. Do you not fancy going with the monster seat?
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      Originally Posted by Swipe
      Wow Ribbit, you certainly seem to be good at finding these bargains on ebay I'm looking forward to seeing some pics soon. Do you not fancy going with the monster seat?
      I think the Monster seat would be too short and diminutive in looks for the tank, tbh, and would likely get overwhelmed.

      There's a picture of a very nice Ducati seat copy in Marcus' new member thread, which has the sort of scale to balance the tank, and the German site he gave a link to has a similar scale RC30 seat (1.1 mtr long), and a shapely CBR 600 seat (1mtr long), either of which might do the trick, and still allow a level of comfort.

      If a Corbin (along with its comfort) and fabi's gf seat surround would look ok, I'd rather like that I must admit.


        How well does the tank sit on the Bros frame.
        I am a bit odd cos I quite fancy one as well.
        The CBR tank never looks like it sits right
        If you have any mock up picks that would be cool.
        I (Like god knows how many others )am doing the Monster mod but I have Chopped about 6+ inches off the sub frame and about 4+ off the seat exposing a huge chunk of rubber.. and with the Deauville tank would have a realy freak bike
        If your not livin' on the edge your taking up too much room


          Well the NTV/Deauville frame is the same as the Bros except in steel rather than alloy.

          I think it'll work ok.

          Weather is supposed to be good tomorrow, so I'll kickstart the camera into life.

          Anyone know what that second little pipe out the bottom of the tank is for? Is it a fuel return pipe? I'll take a photo of them.

          I found a nice piccy of the standard seat surround with a Corbin Gunfighter on top of it, and I think the proportions might work ok with the tank.


            most tanks have a "expansion/breather" pipe fromt he inside of the tank and a "overflow" for fuel drain off coming out off the bottom.
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              Whilst doing a sevice on my Deauville, I thought I'd offer my tank onto my
              Hawk to see what it would look like..................errr Bloody horrible..

              Maybe this is why the original lister didn't want to reply
              "Life may begin at 40, but it doesn't get real interesting until about 150."

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