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Bent Subframe

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    Bent Subframe

    The hawk I just purchased had a bent rear subframe. I bent it back to a straight position, in which it sits flat and doesn't wobble on the ground and looks straight on the bike. The methods I used for this were crude but not damaging. Any concerns with this?

    really you shouldnt have a problem
    just look for cracked welds or anything like that
    a simple visual inspection should be fine

    steel can take alot before it brakes

    also cheak clearance between the tire and the frame
    i had a slight bend in my subframe and when i took a passenger the suspention compressed alot more than usual and the seat lock was bent inward rubbing on the edge of the tire that had more than 50% life left in it. i had to get a new one.
    1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51


      My concern is not with you straightening it but is the rest of the frame bent. Many times in a crash that the subframe gets bent the rest of the frame is twisted. The only way to know everything is alright is to take it to a frame shop like or