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Thro the swing arm mod

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    Thro the swing arm mod
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    cool. I actually just did something similar with one of my swingarm kits because the brake line kept rubbing the tire. It's a nifty trick...though I simply had a 7/8" hole bored into the top of the swingarm and then another up front and to the side and fed a pre-made line thorugh it...this way it's removeable and easily serviceable...stock line can also fit. You can get nice rubber grommets to pretty it up. I also tapped a 1/8" hole under the swingarm in front of the eccentric to allow for a drain.
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      Could we have a few pics of the relevant areas? I love simple yet elegant solutions.



        yeah bike's at home, though...I'll get one up tomorrow.
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          I went to do this the other night and my SS rear brake line was about 3" to short.. DOH
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            A13X...find a stock Ducati supersport rear line. It's about 6" longer and is braided steel.
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              big photo

              here's a big photo of the rear of the bike with the SS line thru the swingarm...

              SS line in swingarm

              the advantage is that you only have a small whole and it looks clean. but its' more of a pain to source the parts and "roll your own".

              again I think I posted all hte parts and suppliers in a post on . I know that it was all posted on anotehr website but it's down now (Mke Reish at

              ok, here's the post about parts: