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Y pipe loose?

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    Y pipe loose?

    Hey all,

    So I did the supertrapp conversion and it looks great, but I noticed as I was taking my old Muzzy off that the 'Y' pipe wasn't clamped to the headers...If fact when I unbolted the can it just came off with a tug...anyway I bought a couple of clamps to clamp them down when putting it all back together...Problem is they won't crush down onto the pipes...I looked inside the "y" pipe where it slips over the headers and someone has put a material in there to "snug" it up onto the headers but it will not allow it to clamp down...In fact I broke my clamp trying to force it to tighten I just put it back together and though it works fine, I am feeling a slight bit of an exhaust leak where the headers meet the "y" pipe...What do I do? Weld it??? If I do that it is on for sure which I don't want in case I change it...Exhaust wrap? Man that stuff is expensive and I don't really like the looks of it...Guess I should just get a new y pipe...Let me know....
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    My exhaust is a tbr and is held together with springs, some of which are not there at all. The camp on the muffler is whats really holding it all together. If your muffler is clamped on good it shouldn't go anywhere. As for the leak- you can seal it similar to what was there or if just leave it.

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      I have a Muzzy y-pipe too, same problem. I have no idea how it's supposed to clamp down, maybe it's supposed to be that way? Anyway, don't weld it - how would you ever get the headers off?
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