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Front sprocket question

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    Front sprocket question


    I was replacing the cush drive rubbers and took the chance to replace the front sprocket at the same time... the previous owner recently replaced the chain and rear sprocket, but not the front.

    The front sprocket that was on the bike is a little odd. On the inside of the sprocket, there is a recess that looks like it should house the retaining bracket, but it's much too big for it. Anyway, why would it be on the inside? Also, the sprocket is part rubber, like the bit that makes up the recess, and some more on the other side.

    The new sprocket (from Wemoto) is all metal, and fits fine. I'm just curious about sprockets that other peeps are using. Does the genuine Honda sprocket (?) have the rubber, and what is its purpose?


    Outside of the sprocket. Metal where the retainer goes, rest is rubber.

    Inside of sprocket, with recess for retainer. Did someone just flip it around?

    What's the purpose of the rubber???

    Am I being completely daft? I've had a dirt bike and a Kawa street bike, and there was no rubber on the their sprockets.

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    ive never seen that either

    maybe its just really dirty and all that would come off with a good cleaning???

    by the shape of those teeth it was time to change it too.
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      Oh my gosh! I had the exact same thing happen to me a month ago...Replaced everything and the front sprocket was on the same way yours was...Someone told me it was in fact on backwards, but for giggles I tried to put it on the "correct" way to no avail...I couldn't get the teeth to line up, so maybe it actually isn't even though it looks like it...Anyway just get a new JT sprocket from, it is completely different and better IMO and less money than OEM replacement...
      Damn right it's a Hawk GT


        jeez, that sprocket looks like a shuriken
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          Depending on how long that new chain ran around that chewed up old front sproket it may be as worn out as the one it was intended to replace. -Crash
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