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Rear sprocket question

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    Rear sprocket question

    I'm racing a Hawk in Canadian vintage racing - we've got an event coming up the weekend after Labor Day and the track is pretty tight.

    At Mosport two weeks ago, I ran a 16/43 and it was just about perfect.

    I've got a 15T front that I'm going to use (and a 44T rear) but I'm curious about what rear sprockets are available. I've gone through all the Canadian aftermarket catalogs and (not surprisingly) - nothing.

    I've gone online at Denis Kirk and Parts Unlimited and can't find any more listings.

    Do any of our Hawk brothers and sisters in the US know of a readily available rear sprocket with - say - 46T? I don't think a 45 would be that much of a change - the track I'm going to is really tight and I can use it next year at Shannonvile as well.

    thanks in advance
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    I would recommend that you try to stay away from the 15T front sprocket. Use the 16T and try to make your changes in the rear if at all possible. The 15T sprocket will exaggerat the effects of the high position of the swingarm pivot in relationship to the primary drive sprocket. If you are running additional ride height with an aftermarket rear shock the situation becomes even more exaggerated.

    If you need sprockets for your NT650 try Sprocket Specialists. They will be happy to make you any size Hawk sproket you wish in either 520 or 525 pitch.

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      Hey look I have my own thread going! (jk)

      If you need it I have a brand new never been mounted 47T Aluminum Protek (silver) in 520 pitch.

      Again if you need it let me know. -Crash
      Faster than your mother... She's what the pros use.


        What would be a good rear sprocket to mount to the back if you want your hawk to accelerate more fiercely, but not like a stunt bike. if it can pull wheelies that`s fine :P
        but I don`t want it to become a biplane
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          Crash - thanks for the info. I wondered about the 15T front as I run a Fox shock set up fairly high with lots of rear preload. On a "normal" bike, a 15T front doesn't wrap the chain that tightly around the sprocket but I never thought about the relationship of the countershaft and chassis setup.

          Looks like Sprocket Specialties lists rears from 40 to 66 teeth - hmmm, wonder if anyone has ever rode trials with one of those.

          I'll give them a call.

          thanks again.

          Oh - and I'm planning on staying with the 525 for now. Maybe part of the winter refurbishing will be a 520 conversion so I'll keep you in mind.
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            just a couple more options to look into

            has a good stock of hawkgt sprockets

            formally arizona motorsports big online retailer

            as for sprocketspecialists i used to use them a long time ago but they stopped stocking hawk stuff
            didnt know they would do special orders
            does it cost more???
            1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51


              So was that "" link a joke?

              Don't know what kind of parts they're selling but I'm not buying.
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                o crap sorry i allways forget there a .net and not a .com

                i fixed it
                1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51



                  i went back and looked at the .com version

                  what the hell is that
                  i cant make heads or tails of it. i cant belive people waist there time writing that crap
                  1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51