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    devil rearsets

    Ive seen these rearsets on ebay for awhile now, and Im wondering if anyone has ever tried them out. Looks like they say "Yoshimura" on them, but Im almost sure theyre not real yoshi. They have 78mm bolt spacing, and what appears to be a more setback and higher peg position than our stock ones. And for me, the price and included shift/brake levers are what have me interested in these over the Woodcraft ones. If noone has ever tried them, I might just bite the bullet and try them on myself.

    See here :-

    Lots of problems to overcome, I reckon.
    Someone on here bought some I think ...
    '95 ShaftHawk 650P>
    Front: Bros Mk2 front wheel; Mk1 forks; MetalGear disc; NC30 caliper; cb1 yoke.
    Breathing: Hacked up and shortened ART tri-can on collector and link pipe from DemonTweeks.
    Other: RGV bars; DefT dash; modded subframe; modded rearsets; relocated ignition.

    '91 Bros 650 Mk1>
    Currently off the road.