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Carbs leaking gas

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    Carbs leaking gas

    I've got an odd problem with the carbs. The mixture screws are adjusted to 2 1/2 turns out from seated. When I turn the gas on and start the bike up gas starts pouring out of the the small holes on the two ports that connect to the airbox. In the link below, in the first picture, it's the hole on the top left side of the air intake.

    I'm totally stumped as to why gas keeps leaking out of both of these. I'm thinking it has something to do with the float valves or levels, but when I pulled the carbs, everything seemed to be in order. Any suggestions?

    sounds like your float valves are stuck open.

    i've tapped my carbs in the past with the plastic end of a screwdriver to get them working properly, but all in all, you might want to pull the bowls, get to the valves and visually inspect whats going on.

    just drain them before pulling the bowls or turning them upside down.



      Also, check to see if you ended up with gas in your oil (this can happen when there is an overflow of gas to the carbs). Pull the oil dipstick - if the oil on the dipstick smells like gas, then in addition to any carb work that needs to be done, you're going to need to change the oil in the engine as well.
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        The rubber hose that meets with a "T" are the float valve vents.
        The floats do have a recommend working height (have you checked this)
        and are your float valves shutting off, they could be worn and leaking filling up the bowl.
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