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  • cooling help!?

    my wife's 88 Hawk has a cooling problem....big surprise....put a new Thermostat,new Fan Motor,and new Temp switch in the radiator.Fan still won't turn on/run and bike runs hot!....any ideas or other things I should be looking at?....maybe just manually wiring the fan to turn on when needed?...if the best way to accomplish this on Hawks? Monster is oil cooled,so I don't get this problem much ever.....any and all help and suggestions would be appreciated!

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    does the fan ever turn on? I know that my fan does not turn on until it is pretty hot. The first time I waited to see if it worked I got alittle worried because I had to watch the temp gauge go up really far before it the fan kicked on. Does it get really hot while riding or is it just when idling for a long time?
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      well...I noticed that the bike got a needle and a half length from the red and still it didn't turn on....checked the fuses 1st far as when it got hot...I noticed this when my wife was doing alot of low speed manuevering around the neighborhood to get used to the bike because this is her starter bike I bought for her when she graduated MSF...she said that she wanted something reasonable all around to be able to commute on and keep somewhat nearby to being able to hang with me when going on weekend rides as her experience got hot....I looked the bike over....couldn't get the fan to work even after I got it off and just hooked it up straight to a power it musta been bad anyways....there was no thermostat in the bike at all...and for the sake of arguement...I said to myself when I ordered one part...I might as well order all the cooling pieces I might need and if I had to take a restocking charge from the be it...but I wanted to be able to take the bike apart and put it back together in one sitting.....after I put the parts on....I started the bike and let it idle and revved it now and again....and got it hot...and it climbed the temperature scale to very near the point of where it had climbed before...and to no avail of a fan turning after a couple more minutes...I just turned it off...


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        with the bike on, or possible just the key shitched to on, take the wire off of the thermostatic switch - lower left side of the radiator, and ground it to the frame, you might need a spare peice of wire. If the system is working the fan will turn on once grounded at that point.

        My thermostatic switch went bad, so I did this test and it turned the fan on. So I simply wired up toggle switch so that I could turn on the fan manually anytime I liked.

        Hope this works!
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          If you're feeling antsy simply wire the fan on with a switch. I seriously doubt this is the extent of your problem, though. These bikes should be able to idle almost indefinitely without needing a fan on and youshould never need it while cruising. If she's exceeding 230*f then you need to check compression, coolant content, and do a hydrocarbon test on the cooling system.
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