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Single cylinder conversion?

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    Single cylinder conversion?

    After harassing a good friend for about 10 years, he is finally going to give me his clapped out Hawk. 65k on the clock but still a great bike. It has the Fox shock, dual front discs, clip-ons, etc. But, the motor is shot. Several years ago I saw a picture of an XR650 powered Hawk in a Two Brothers catalog and thought that would be an amazing conversion (I like the simplicity of air-cooled singles). Has anyone ever performed or know of anyone who has done this conversion to a single cylinder? I'll probably get lots of hate mail, but if anyone knows anything about the conversion I'd love to know...

    dont worry about the hate mail they are hawks not bmws

    there a few bikes out there that have engine swaps

    some ideas and a link to the yamahawk thread

    pm me if your looking to dump that motor off on someone
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      Here you go:-
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        sorry, i dont have any specific info on that swap..

        but why the XR650 motor? its a dated design, even for a trail bike.
        while it would still be cool, if you're going to go thru the effort, why not go with a more modern motor?


          Take it from someone that rode an '02 Suzuki Savage (650cc single) for 5 years: the vibrations at high rpms just suck. There's a reason they call 'em "thumpers".
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            Go on, if you're going to put a single in, go whole hog and make a CRawk; with a CR500.

            Go on You know you want to. If you don't like it, don't worry. It probably won't last too long.


              Originally Posted by SkinnE
              Go on, if you're going to put a single in, go whole hog and make a CRawk; with a CR500.

              Go on You know you want to. If you don't like it, don't worry. It probably won't last too long.
              this i can understand.

              i want a service honda CR500 motard... that would be awesome.


                There have been several Thumperhawks built.Richard Herrington of FL has a pretty nice XR powered Hawk and Matt Blashfield was running a very cool CRF450 lumped one.
                The Savage is a pretty horrible motor - I have BMW and MZ singles that indeed are no worse than a Hawk at highway speeds.I'd really like a BMW/Aprilia motored RS250 ( the chain drive being on the right side of both see...) so it would be the Thumperhawk taken to the next level.I had an Aprilia RS125 Supermono project in the works but passed it on...wish I would actually finish one single thing I started

                One of my dream bikes is an OVER OV-20 supermono.80hp,270ish nice.

                The 500 stroker is a much better idea on paper than in execution.Dean Thimjon built one that supposedly vibrated enough that it was entirely unrideable.Some guy in TX has made a KX500 powered one as well.


                  Thanks for all the responses and links. I had a friend who did the CR500 motor in an FZ600 chassis. It was a nightmare to ride and he ended up going back to the old motor. I only chose the XR motor because parts are cheap and the motor is ultra dependable. Well, providing I don't modify it too much.


                    Speaking of...

                    On a somewhat related note:

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                      Re: Speaking of...

                      a stock dirt bike frame and swingarm is used, thats cool

                      doesnt even look like a dirt bike anymore
                      1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51