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I might have gone a little crazy but....

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    I might have gone a little crazy but....

    Hey guys,
    So I've been coming to this site for a while and have been soaking up the wealth of
    collective knowledge that you guys so graciously share with one another to get the
    most out of the little bike that could. I've owned my hawk for about 3 years. bought it
    bone stock with the exception of some f2 clip-ons from a little old lady who babied it!
    Since then I've only added a corbin gunfighter with a red passenger seat (looks like a
    seat cowl actually) and a Holeshot flyscreen that I had painted red to match... That is
    until now!

    In my hands, acquired from Far reaching places like Hordpower in Ohio (thanks jd) and
    hiperform in LA, I have, what I think to be the best balance of Mods, with a few
    exceptions, for the street. The work begins Saturday morning (until the Georgia
    game..and then I'll get drunk and pass out cause we'll start loosing and I won't be able
    to handle the pressures of SEC football). Heres the Motts Joey:

    Radial Master cylinder
    Steel braided front and rear brake lines and Through the swingarm Kit
    EBC pro-lite front rotor
    New HH pads up front

    .90 straight rate springs
    Gold valve emulators
    all ballz head bearings
    Spanking new Penske 8983 rear shock

    TBR adjustable ignition advancer (3.5 + degrees per hords suggestion)
    Factory Pro Tranny detent arm mod
    New Clutch Friction Discs
    2 Barnet Heavy duty springs (firm but not totally firm)
    Hiperform Chain Roller
    525 Chain
    15 tooth Front sprocket
    Factory Pro Stage 3 Jet Kit
    Uni Pods
    M4 Race mount Exhaust with the new Conical end cap!!!

    1. sure I coulda put a different front end and a VFR rear wheel but I like the stock
    wheels with their twin blade-3spoke design and I thought I'd be changing too much of
    the bike's original character ( if the bike started as a beater, I wouldn't care), Hence the
    upgraded brakes and fork internal mods.

    2. better positioned clip-ons and rearsets. Yeah, Let me catch my breath and some of
    the money falling out of my wife's bank account, no seriously folks...

    If you guys want to see Pics of the Bits or Any step by step Pics of some of the
    installation, I'd be happy to Post a .mac Web Gallery which.....may not be a bad idea....
    cause I might screw shuff up, and although I've read the manual and this site about as
    many times as I've seen WARGAMES...or....RED DAWN or (insert a picture of an old
    guy giving the slow motion fist back and forth talking about how he was good with the
    ladies in his day) there is still great room for grave and dire errors.

    Thanks guys, for any suggestions
    1988 Hawk

    before and after pics are always fun to look at

    good luck
    1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51


      I am looking forward to doing the same once I get a permanent job!
      You know your a hawkaddict when you check ebay and craigslist every hour for parts to upgrade


        Yeah, this saturday, I'll be installing the new clutch, rotor, detent arm and the exhaust. I'm taking it in for the carbs and front end
        1988 Hawk


          Do the carbs yourself, it's easy and you'll learn alot. I was terrified when I did mine for the first time (cuz I'm poor) until I got on it and it ran great. plus you can always take it in for a fix if you mess it up. Save the shop rate payments for things you need specialty tools and knowledge for. Of course I was starting with a beater...
          my other 650 is an XS


            you're really going to like that brake/suspension/gearing change. makes the bike all around more enjoyable.


              I have a question for you, gritsandsausage- is your hawk the stock red color? If so, what is the corbin color that goes with it?

              Thanks- going red real soon!
              '88 Hawk GT
              '89 Harley FXSTC
              2008 Yamaha V-Star 1300 tourer


              " performance ain't perfect, but its loud, and its fast..." -Widespread Panic


                It was repainted by the shop that sold it to me. It looks Great but I'm not sure if it is the exact same red as the factory color. That being said, The seat matches great. If I remember correctly I ordered it with Kawasaki Ninja Red with red piping.

                I'll take some piics of it when I get it all back together.

                Incidentally, I'm having a bit of trouble getting the rear cylinder header out between then frame and cylinder. Anyone have a trick for getting this pipe out??
                1988 Hawk


                  O.K. so Its much easier to remove in the daytime when you can use your eyeballs. Now, the crankcase is fused with the 20 year old gasket and I'm out of propane. Off to the Hardware store.....again.....
                  1988 Hawk


                    Any updates to your project? What kind of brake did you buy?


                      Did Georgia win?
                      '99 Ducati 748 with a 996 conversion


                        Holy crap that took forever to post.

                        So, Im totally for promising to post a gallery of all the mods and then flaking. The day I did all of this I found out I was getting a divorce and my focus on motorcycle shifted into mental damage control just to keep me off a bridge. Don't worry though, I'm much better now and have finally made a web gallery. I tried to figure out how to caption the photos but couldn't figure out how. If anyone knows let me know or just post a question here.

                        P.S. the penske shock is mind blowingly good out of the box from hord!!!!
                        Problem is in the last 3 months my weight has dropped from 190 to 165.

                        1988 Hawk


                          right click on the image scroll down to properties and under that there should be a long address that ends with ".jpg"

                          copy that and paste it inbetween

                          and walla

                          so the picture bellow looks like this


                          1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51


                            My Corbin was exactly the same. I dont think they were ever able to match the Honda red color decently. I ended up getting mine dyed black, as it looked odd.
                            -I'm sorry....I did not know she was your sister.
                            -If Buckleys cold mixture went would anybody know????
                            -Dont piss off the quiet guy with the chain saw.


                              voila :P
                              sometimes, i doubt your commitment to sparkle motion!

                              '99 miata :: '98 vfr 800 :: '89 hawk gt