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Some food for thought on stainless steel break lines

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    Some food for thought on stainless steel break lines

    I thought it was a good read and wanted to pass it on.

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    So how many times have you ever heard of the brake lines bursting on a bike? It seems to me (at least knowing how I drive) that you don't have to be nearly as careful and precise with braking on a car as you do on a bike. I myself have always raced cars - everything from the 4-cyl rice burners to the big engine classics... in every instance, I have a strong tendancy to push hard into a corner and then stand on the brakes (figure of speech) to either slow down to a safe enough speed to enter the curve or to brake the rear free to initiate a slide to oversteer through the corner, nonetheless, the two brake lines are trying to slow down 3000 to 4500 pounds versus the cycle's lines working to slow down ~600 pounds. I have come to realize - the more I ride - that I am gradually using less and less of those brakes and am becoming much more precise now downshifting when needed, slowing down to a point that creates the best chance to exit the corner at the highest speed. At stops, it's silly to go from full throttle to full brakes light to light anyway....

    Overall I still say the duress on the brake lines on the bike is exponentially less than on a car... this definitely causes me to want to watch them and check them more regularly than I would have, though....

    Maybe I'm just talking the SS lines up since I'm about to put one on my bike, but either way, I've rambled.....

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      News to me as well. I only ruptured my SS brake line when I threw my Hawk into a tree. it was ripped by shear force because the clip on was torn from the frame. other than that, I never had problems with SS braking lines. I`ve had them on my FZR: never a problem. Now I have them on my Hawk: never a problem. and they have been used severely.
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