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sidelight nightmare

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    sidelight nightmare

    im in the uk and have a 400 bros. i didnt know if that was the same as the hawk gt ??? (im new here as you can see) but i was told by the MOT people that my sidelights are illegal because when i turn my sidelights on i get a dipped beam on the indicators and not on the head light. was wondering if anyone knew a way of stopping this ??



    Do you mean the parking light?
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      All you need to do is unplug two cables inside the headlamp unit. Follow the cable from the two front indicators into the headlamp there will be three connectors at the end of each indicator cable. The green is the earth/ground connection, one of the others is for the sidelight inside the inicator the other is for the indicator itself. Just unplug and tape up the one for the sidelights, job done.

      If the MOT guys tell you its a failure not having a sidelight at all then take it somewhere else as they don't know what they're talking about.

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        However, if they're talking about the front position light (comes on with the taillight when you turn the key to the 'Park' position), it'll be in the headlight bucket. One dealer-garage referred to this as a sidelight. It really depends on what your tester will let you get away with though. For three years my Hawk went without any kind of front position light -other than the headlight itself- passing MOT's in Cambridge. They did make me disable my 'running lights' (that's where your turn signals stay lit faintly any time the bike is on). The last year I was there, they decided my turn signals were too bright. Then I moved up here to Chester where a picky dealer (the 'sidelight' place) hit me with several other failure points which hadn't come up before.

        The Hawk and Bros are about 90% identical, the Hawk being the US/Canada market bike and only sold as a 650 until 1991, and the Bros being sold in Japan (hence the curious name), offered in a 400 and a 650, and also a later version in both displacements, mark II with a few changes. Do a search here for a topic ~ "RC31 Story" for more history. The FAQ/KB at also has global model info.

        Oh, and welcome to the forum. Where-abouts are you?