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Just won my F3 forks (thanks Jaybird!) Have a question or 2

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    Just won my F3 forks (thanks Jaybird!) Have a question or 2

    Hey guys,

    Got them for 90 bucks!!!

    That was a good price right? Now I can start my install when they get here, although I should replace certain parts with new ones right? I know of the oil/dust seals, but is there anything else?

    Oh and Just 1 last time for my slowass to understand, if I do this mod according to the article up in the mods post and use the hawk lowers, all my stuff will work/ speedo, etc. right??? I'll just have nice adjustable uppers that are far superior to the stockers?
    Damn right it's a Hawk GT


    if your taking them apart and mixmatching the right part you should be fine.
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      Here you go:-
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        Originally Posted by JR
        Yeah, I love that article but it is the one that stops in the middle that I have been trying to find the rest of, anyone know where it is?????
        Damn right it's a Hawk GT