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Napoleon Mirror Installation

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  • Napoleon Mirror Installation

    So my Napoleon bar end mirrors came in the mail the other day and I figured it would be a real easy install.

    Turns out, they don't fit into the end of my handlebars... they are designed to fit the standard 7/8" bars but I'm realizing now that I think my aftermarket clip-ons are 11/16".

    neither the rubber bushing or the nut at the end of the bolt will fit into my bars. has anyone dealt with this issue before? any work arounds out there?


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    This has happened to me also. What I did was use a Dremel to shave the rubber bushing down so it would fit in to the bar. The next thing was to use a grinder to take excess steel off of the outside diameter of the nut. It has worked great ever since. Just remember to test fit alot. You cannot put material back on.
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      Im having the same problem with my mirrors. I got my clip ons off a VFR and the mirrors won't fit.
      Apperantly they won't widen out enough to make a fit to the inside of the clip ons.

      I might have to buy new clip ons, so the mirrors can fit, or try and find another way to make them fit, with out spending more money.

      Anybody have any ideas?



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        Shim it out with strips of cork?
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          Thanks, that is an idea.
          but do you think it would be safe? I don't think the mirrors would fall off with vibration do you?