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    Frame swap

    I have an 1990 NT 650 J and the frame has been welded at the head stem on one side. I'm not sure if this is due to accident damage or fatigue, it seems to ride hands off ok. My question is that I have the option of a replacement frame which is advertised as a Bros 400 NTV NT - Does anyone know if this will be suitable? I read somewhere that the only difference between the 400 and 650 is the sleeving of the engine. Is this true?


    yup! even the carbs are the same diameter just down jetted! im hoping to buy a 400 bros this week and have a 650 lump waiting for it!



      hell yeah swap it...then sav eon insurance (400).
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        Gavin - where are you in Scotland? My family (this is 5 or 6 generations back, now) comes from a town near Edinburgh.
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          Thanks people - I think I'll ride it as it is for now and rebuild it over the winter months.

          Doug, I'm at a place called Aboyne around 100 miles north of Edinburgh - I'm not Scottish, I've come up here to build flying hours for a commercial licence and fly an old cropduster towing gliders all day long - It's superb, I'm getting paid to do all the things I've been banned from doing in an aeroplane elsewhere... As for the bike, I rode an old 400 years ago and absolutely loved it. The roads up here really are the best in the UK and pretty much devoid of speed cameras so I just had to get another when I moved here. Alas, I bought it off ebay from the south coast of England and couldn't get to inspect it beforehand. It's a 1990 NT 650 J and although it looks nice and rides really well, it's a little rough around the edges and has no history... Tell me, Does the frame crack at the headstock with fatigue, or would you suspect accident damage?