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What will happen if I don't mod the 900rr shock?

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    What will happen if I don't mod the 900rr shock?

    Hey All,

    Long time viewer, first time poster. I have searched around a bit, but haven't been able to get a definitive answer.

    I have a 900rr '96 shock and am gearing up to install it, but I have one question though, what if I don't mod it by adding the limiter, cutting a coil, or use the hawk stock spring? What if I just slap it on?

    88 Hawk GT, all stock.

    If you don't alter it, it won't work very well. On the other hand...they don't work very well modded, either.
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      what I am looking for is generally a firmer ride for longer rides and the abilty to carry a load / passenger without denting my plate or bottoming out.

      Plus a little more ride height, given that the bike a little smallish for me.
      88 Hawk GT, all stock.


        It won't fit, first of all.
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          what is needed to just get it to fit?
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            Well considering that the bike is mostly a daily rider for me, what should the best setup be for me?

            I like the idea of the 900rr mod 'cause it is inexpensive, and do I really need a penske or fox shock for 60kmh - 120kmh riding?
            88 Hawk GT, all stock.



              there are two things you have to do:
              1) make the shock fit. If I remember right you have to grind down one of the mounting points to make it fit in the hawk frame. so you'll have to do this.
              2) replace the spring. the 900rr rear shock runs thru a linkage on the 900rr. so if you just bolt up the rear shock on the hawk there is no linkage so you will have shock that's WAY too soft for the hawk. if you think your stocker is "flaccid" then you don't know what you are in for. so you have to make spacers for the hawk spring (becuase it's much shorter) and use the hawk spring w/ the 900rr shock. how much spring depends upon what you want to do with it and attempting to get proper sag set with the new shock/spring. the main reason that people put on a 900rr shock as far as I can tell is to jack up the back of the bike to get more clearance. I don't think there is much of a performance increase. I did the 900rr on my bike for a year or so before I got a fox for it. fox doesn't make shocks any more. I traded that out after a year or two and now have an Ohlins on the bike. I just bought anotehr hawk and it's got a 900rr on it. I will probably sell it shortly and put a good shock on it. Anyone know what the going rate is for a modded 900rr rear shock? I'm guessing $150 but I haven't really paid any attention to them. I'll end up with a Penske, Ohlins or wilburs depending upon which one I can get the best deal on. For my riding they will all do the same. if you want a less expensive option, i'd get the progressive shock. it's going to be much better than a 900rr but not as $$ as the others.




                I am still using the stock shock, and would like to go with the Penske or Ohlins. The only thing holding me back is a lottery win. If you do want the CBR shock, you will have to do what is listed on this site:

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                  If you are looking for a firmer ride and better load capacity then all you really need is a stiffer spring. Measure the spring, ID, OD, Free Height, and Wire Size and do some hunting on the internet at various suspension and racing shops and you should be able to come up with a stiffer spring for about $100.

                  BTW if you do a little checking you will find that most manufacturers fit springs for a rider weight of about 150 pounds so for most of us Americans the bike is sprung rather soft.