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How is a Hawk supposed to idle/run with Jetting?

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  • How is a Hawk supposed to idle/run with Jetting?

    Hi, n00b Hawk owner here.
    I recently bought a Hawk and I'm concerned about the way it starts up and runs. The bike has a Supertrapp, stock airbox and filter, and a jet kit. I don't know the brand or what stage the jet kit is.
    The bike only starts up with full choke on and it takes a good 10 mins to warm up and until I can turn the choke completely off. It backfires a lot while it's warming up, and it backfires when I roll off the throttle once warm and out on the road. The bike also has fresh spark plugs.

    My question basically is Hawk supposed to behave with the mods that are on my bike? The previous owner said this is 'normal' behavior due to the jet kit, but I have my doubts. I don't know jack about carburators so I've left the bike alone so far, but would like to get it to run smoothly if possible.

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    First off, this is NOT normal. Even with a jet kit!

    With the stock airbox on and an aftermarket pipe, a Factory stage 1 is recommended.

    If I'm not mistaken, this sounds like a lean problem. You could start with the air/fuel mixture screws.

    Go here for some good info on jetting (and everything else! ).
    Check the "reccomended settings" area for air/fuel mixture settings.

    You may have to play with the needles as well.
    Read up in the FAQ and see what's up.

    Carbs are not that complicated or difficult to work on. Hopefully you have a good area to work in. Regardless, if you take your time, you should be able to get things sorted out on your own. Just be patient. You have have to tear into the carbs seveal times to get things just right. It's worth it!!

    Also, post where you are in Texas. There may be some one close enough to give you a hand.
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      Iím in the same situation with my Hawk, Super Trapp with stock airbox and I have no idea about the jets, though mine was a non-runner when I picked it up this spring. After talking to the local experts and JD Hord the consensus is the jets. I made an appointment to have the local V-twin expert work on it, but they are several weeks out. In the meantime I bought the Pods and Stage 3 kit from JD. I donít have the kit yet, but I hope it gets me going.


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        Thanks for the advice. I had a good hunch that this behavior wasn't normal; I'll have to quiz the previous owner to see what kind of kit is in there.
        I may just opt to drop the bike off at a trustworthy shop and have them sort it out using those recommended settings; I do have a place to work in as well as tools but I want to ride

        I'm in the DFW area in TX if anyone wants to help me tinker with the bike.


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          Heres a good place to start:-

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            Originally Posted by JR
            Awesome link, thanks!!