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Choke acting weird

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    Choke acting weird

    I was out of the country for about two weeks and when I got home I was itching to ride. My choke is acting weird now, basically it seems like its working almost backwards.

    Orginally - I moved the lever away from me (toward the front wheel) to start the bike cold, idle high, and then bring the lever back to me to return to normal idle.

    Now - When I move the idle towards me it starts to idle high and when I move it away from me it goes to normal.

    The bike seems to run fine but I find this change really odd. Any hints?


    p.s. I did replace the clutch cable a few weeks ago, but I didn't mess with the choke.

    that is ass backwards!

    With the choke completly OFF, the lever should be all the way up and toward the front wheel. To start to bring the choke ON, you should move it towards you.

    I cannot imagine that you were riding the bike with FULL ON choke before? Are your pipes really Blued?

    Very Strange, the arrow on top of the control housing tells you this as well...hmmm
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      nevermind... i'm an idiot.