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  • ovlovder
    Yes, you should add link(s) for more teeth. You are losing 1.25" of chain when using a 46t sprocket, over a 44t. 5/8" per tooth/link. But really you can only add/remove links in pairs (inner, outer). Which works out since your rear sprocket size increased by two teeth.

    If I were you I would add one inner, and, one outer link to the overall length of the chain, but, dont forget to consider the master link. Which gives you 114 links.

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  • ghandi1616
    started a topic chain length

    chain length

    Hey there. I just finished putting on a new 46 tooth rear sprocket and a new 16 tooth front sprocket. Both are 520, as is my new chain. The question is, I bought a RK RX-Ring chain 520XSO and was wondering with the new tooth size if I would have to add a link (making it 113 tooth from the stock 112). According to the manufactuer if you add teeth, you should add an extra link. Has anyone else come across this?? thanks