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HELP?!?!?!?! oil blowby??

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  • HELP?!?!?!?! oil blowby??

    hey here....

    ok so I am new to hawk gts... I have a superhawk so the hawk serves as a great counterpoint to it and my GF can ride with me too

    anyway every thing on the bike is pretty spot smoke....good power...but the other day my GF took it on teh freeway up to about 75mph for about 20 min.....and after that it started puking oil out all over the motor between teh jugs and out the airbox drain hose so I removed the tank and found a pool of oil in the airbox with teh culprit being the breather tube that comes out of the valve cover......cleaned it all up and went out again to day and it did it again.....

    again I am am not familiar with this bike but I know how to this typical? how can it be resolved? what is this indicitive of? I know there is probbaly no filter on the breather because of age and it just falling apart.....what can I do to remedy this?

    Thanks all......look forward to hearing your thoughts

    and by the way its an 89.....

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      Pagin Dr. Hord.... Dr. J.D. Hord...
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        For a breather filter try here. Throw in a few oil filters or something else cool in your order and it'll make the shipping worth it.

        If "spewing" means just a dribble down in between the cylinders. That should solve the problem. After removing my airbox and going with K&N pods, I had a similiar occurance.

        Very typical.

        The site linked above belongs to one J.D. Hord. THE HawkGT mechanic to go to for a build up or rebuild! Poke around his site a bit. But just have something available to clean up your drool!

        I hope that helps.
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          I am assuming your oil level is correct.

          That sounds like ALOT of oil to be coming up the crankcase vent. But then again if you do not have a filter on it... I would replace that.

          Sorry I can't be more help, I don't have the airbox (uni pods) and my tube is filtered.
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            Ya call Jd Mine did kinda same thing puked oil everyware! smoked thought i blew the motor sent it to hord said something about carb screwed up?
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              well.....did a comp test......95 on the rear and 100 on the front....

              that is more the likely the culprit......but I am gunna test again on a diffrent guage that threads in.....let yall know


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                compression is low for sure, should be about 180-190psi


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                  My bike has flat sides w/ velocity stacks on it, so that means no airbox. Right now I'm only running a couple of clear tubes off of my breather holes. Should I be running the filters that are available on Hord's site instead? I'm getting very little oil drip right now...

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                    If you replace the hose with a filter, it'll just pour out of that. I would say, first of all, to check the oil level if you haven't already. I'm not sure I've run into any other problems you could be having if you're making good power.
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                      I had a lawn mower do the same thing, turned out to be a blown head gasket. Try doing a cylinder leak down test.