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Looking at a new hawk with some questions

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    Looking at a new hawk with some questions

    Hi guys im fairly new here I have been looking for a hawk for some time now in good condition. I found a really good deal on one but im kinda torn between the Orange Hawk for sale in the forsale section and another hawk i found for sale.

    The second hawk does need a little work which is to be expected. I just wanted to copy the add here and if you guys have an idea of what it would cost to address the different issues I would greatly appreciate any estimates you guys might have.

    "For sale is an í89 HawkGT. This bike is perfect for the beginner track rider. The bike has been very well maintained and since I have owned it I have only used Castrol Superbike full synthetic oil. AF-1 did a great job on the tuning and the power is very linear. Within the last 4 track days maintenance includes new clutch, sparkplugs, valve cover gaskets, thermostat, coolant hoses and valve adjustment. The tires have 2 track days on them and are in excellent condition.
    The title is clean and in my name. I had the bike registered and fully street legal before I changed it to a full track setup. To return the bike to street trim you would have to add rear signal lights, reconnect the front signals (the leads are still present) and hook up the rear brake light. With the addition of the rearsets I know you need an adapter for the brake light from Woodcraft; having never reconnected the light I donít know how well the adapter works and what is involved in its installation. Iím not sure if TX law requires a speedometer but the speedo sensor is removed (tach and temp gauge work fine). Last consideration for street trim is the switch I installed in line to the ignition allowing the bike to start without the key. Having lost the key and finding it the day after I bypassed the ignition, you may have to remove the switch.

    EDIT to original post: I received a question re: the speedo sensor and I dont think I was clear enough. The cable was inadvertantly bent and rendered useless. You would have to source a new CBR F2 wheel hub sensor and cable. Also, I dont have the brake light/rearset adapter. It's an $18 kit from Woodcraft.

    There are 2 items which would need maintenance: the steering damper needs to be rebuilt and one fork seal needs replacement.

    Mods: F2 Front end Ė Previously worked on by LE, since then I added Racetech .95kg springs, 15wt oil and cartridge emulators, Hi-Perform Chain roller, Hi-Perform frame sliders, AFAM front and rear sprockets (+2 in rear), AFAM chain, EBC clutch and springs, Uni-pod air filters, Dynojet roller shifter detent, Dynojet +4 ignition advancer, Dynojet jetkit, Dyno tuned by AF-1, Woodcraft Clipons, Woodcraft rearsets, Michelin Pilot power tires, Fox 3-way rear shock, Stainless steel front brake lines, Supertrapp Full exhaust, Steering damper, Fully safety wired"

    Asking price right now is 1200.00

    Thanks for your help in advance guys!

    P.S. I forgot to mention I would be putting it it back in street trim again.

    I have actually taken the Orange HAWK for a couple of laps on a track day and she is a firm bike with no issues.
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      Thanks very much for the reply. Its good to know that its still in good shape. Its a beautiful bike im in total agreement with ya.


        $1200 is a total steal. You'd literally be robbing him.
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          Originally Posted by douglas.thompson
          $1200 is a total steal. You'd literally be robbing him.
          I agree with Doug. Even though I am selling the Orange Hawk.

          The $1200 is a steal, It has alot of great mods and could be streeted with a little work. I don't know what it looks like but I think mine would be prettier.

          Don't get me wrong, I love my Hawk and I think it is in GREAT shape but if you are looking for a track Hawk I would go with the $1200 one.

          If you are looking for a straight and pretty street hawk that has not been beat (to my knowledge) then...

          Whatever you decide you can't go wrong with a Hawk!
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