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Idle Speed Adjustment

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    Idle Speed Adjustment

    Good Morning Guys and Gals (Morning in the UK),

    Just a quick question:

    I've recently bought a Bros 400 for my half-pint girlfriend which had a faulty 4th gear but came with a replacement engine, 9 hours in the garage yesterday and the new engine is in, plumbed up, all fluids/oils changed/checked, first press of the starter and WOOHOO, it bursts into the gorgeous V-twin rumble, Great!

    Now, although the engine runs nicely with a small turn if the throttle, it will idle for approx 20 seconds and then just dies quietly.

    I have no manual. ops:

    Please could someone explain how to adjust the idle speed (what the heck is that funny browney/red plastic knob about??? it refuses to move) and maybe even the rough settings for the carbs as having done the engine swap, i'm sure some of the settings will have been knocked about.

    Thanks All for reading this.

    Best Regards,


    Can anyone help?


      Lets see... I am FAR from the expert here but....

      The idle screw knob is loacted on the left side of the carbs (as you sit on the bike. at least it is on my NT650) Maybe it is rusted stuck.

      Just a thought.
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        heres the online manual.

        Try to find a product called freeze it from crc products.
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