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anyone have a vrod light how to

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    anyone have a vrod light how to

    Like the title says anyone have a vrod headlight how to for the hawk?


    Hey. I'm new here and stumbled onto the site by googling for the Vrod headlight wiring diagram. I'm currently trying to fir this onto my cbr600rr. If anyone can help out or answer the original posters question; it'd be much appreciated.

    Honda 4 life! Seriously..I'm not trying to spam.

    BTW, I picked mine up for $110. It came with the light, harness, and stock bracket. Kinda pricey but not really compare to Fleabay and it's popularity with the Streetfighter crowd.

    Very classy looking light.


      Milktree sent me this awhile ago:


      is the instructions I send with a harness kit.

      At the bottom is a wiring diagram of the relay end. It's not really
      complete because it's intended for those who want to replace the
      relays, not for those who want to build their own.

      However, there's not much missing.

      For you, you'll want a larger fuse. 15A is what I use on the 599 kit
      for a 55 watt low and 65 watt high beam.

      "thick" means 14 gauge, which is sufficient to carry the power
      required by the bulbs.

      "thin" is whatever you've got around. I use 18 gauge, but 20 would be
      fine, it's only controlling the relays.

      The thick green wire goes to one connector of each bulb. You'll need
      to solder the joint where the green splits to get a nice strong

      The thick blue wire goes to the other connector of the high beam bulb

      The thick white wire goes to the other connector of the low beam bulb.

      The thin blue and thin white wires go to the existing headlight socket
      on the wiring harness. Match the colors up with the OEM harness.

      I put a bunch of 1/4" connectors between the front half and rear half
      of the harness so it can be installed (the relays and connectors are
      bulky) but that's not necessary if you're threading it in and putting
      the connectors on afterwards.

      Now, that gets you a couple bright headlights.

      To get the low beam to stay on with the high beam, put a diode between
      the thin white and thin blue wires with the stripe on the diode toward
      the white wire. That'll flow electricity to the low beam relay when
      the high beam is on, but not the other way 'round.

      I buy the diodes and relays and fuse holders and push-on connectors
      from, but I buy them in large quantites.

      If you're just doing one, I'd get the diode at radio shack (check the
      specs so it'll handle the voltage) and the push-on connectors, relays,
      wire, and fuse holder at Auto Palace or whatever your FLAPS is
      (Friendly Local Auto Parts Store).

      The diode I use is a 1N4007 (also the parts express part number) but
      anything that'll handle about an amp and 15 volts would be fine.
      1N4007 is also the part number at if you want to look
      up the specs.
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