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Stock exhaust modifcations and carburetors

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    Stock exhaust modifcations and carburetors

    Has anyone tried to modify the stock exhaust for improved performance? Improved sound? Some of my ideas are to remove the catalytic cannister, drill/cut out the baffles, etc... ALL of the aftermarket exhausts just don't do the bike justice. I want just a bit more growl and grunt out of her.

    On the grunt subject, has anyone tried aftermarket carburetors with the stock exhaust system? To what effect? Which types of carbs? Jetting recommendations?

    Thanks in advance.

    Troy von Kutzleben - Atlanta, GA

    Umm, you could get a y-connector pipe, sans end-can, and use a hacksaw to make a slashcut straight-through exhaust. Not that I'd know anything about that...

    Careful with low-backpressure setups like that. You lose power. I'm in the difficult position of figuring how to get a baffle welded into this:

    Look into left-exit exhausts. They don't obstruct your view of the sexy single-sided swingarm & so look awesome; the only reason I didn't go that route is that I wanted to keep my passenger pegs. That and I couldn't afford a new exhaust system at the time.
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      Jeez Doug I thought *mine* was loud...

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