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easy way to replace an endless chain on the Bros 400

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    easy way to replace an endless chain on the Bros 400

    Ive never had to replace an endless chain having ridden either split chain bikes or shafties.

    The only way I can see at the moment of changing the chain is to remove the swing arm so that endless chain can be fitted.

    Is there an easier way ? or

    is it safe to fit a split chain ( bros 400)

    The bike's going off the road in winter for some long overdue TLC
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    You can cut your current chain off with a grinding wheel, or what ever cutting implement you have handy. Most new chains come with some sort of master link, a clip link which you can snap on by hand is the easiest. A riveted master link will be the strongest and give the impression of an "endless chain" this is what im reasonably sure is the set up you have, as my hawk had it stock. Really to do a riveted link properly you need a chain riveting tool. The other option, supposedly, as strong a a riveted link with no special tools is an EK screw link.

    Various people have various opinions on these different "master" links, I am not saying one is better, but really, the riveted, as far as safety is concerned, is the most reliable, if installed properly.
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