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  • cobra525
    Great info Doc. There is obviosly more to this mod than I thought.

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  • Doc
    From the list for others education.

    Per "Milktree" Aka Will

    Yes, have it rebuilt/revalved/resprung for a hawk, it'll work great.
    You'll want more rebound damping and much heavier spring than the
    900rr wanted.

    If it's not adjustable enough with its current lower eye, make sure
    you can get an eye-to-eye length of somewhere between 308 and 320mm.
    Stock shock eye-to-eye length is 303, but you'll want longer than
    that. Much more than 320 and you'll have to do weird things with the
    sidestand, centerstand (if you still have it) and you'll wear out
    chain sliders on the top of the swingarm.

    The stock Hawk spring is about 1,020 lbs/inch, If you're about 155 w/o
    gear you'll want something like 1,200 or 1,300 lbs/inch. (I'm 155 and
    use a 1,300lb spring on the track, it's kinda stiff for the street,
    but great on the track)

    The stock 900rr spring is like 800 lbs/inch, so it's way too soft for
    the Hawk.

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  • Doc
    I would be interested!

    As I have been told the CBR shock doesn't give you much except ride height because it is under sprung, even with the Hawk Spring.

    I would think if you got a heavier spring that might help.

    Ask around. Steve Lenac is good, Hord is good, Peter Kates at GMD Computrack is good.

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  • NT696
    The stock CBR 900RR shock is modded at the top (non rod) end. The mounting 'eye' is narrowed by machining some material off each side. Where it mounts in the farme of the Hawk is a little narrower. The CBR spring gets removed, and the Hawk spring re-used, along with an aluminum spacer. I can post photos if needed.
    Any aftermarket shock would probably need the same treatment. I think we all would be interested to hear how well it works, and what parts you used.

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  • Hawk Jr
    started a topic Shock question...

    Shock question...

    What if a guy comes across a aftermarket 900rr shock... can it be moded it to work on a Hawk?

    Or is there more involved? or won't work?