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What is on your Hawk to-do list this winter?

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    What is on your Hawk to-do list this winter?

    For those of us who have a riding season:
    I have heard through the threads some of the winter projects, but it might be nice to list them here for others to see exactly what your Hawk may look like next year.

    I'll start:
    -Remove subframe grab rails + paint black.
    -Mount stock Hawk fender to F2 fork sliders. (remove cast lugs and fabricate clamp)
    -Fix broken gauge plastic bucket.
    -Replace headlight assembly. Install faceted reflector + relay harness.
    -Remove weight ridge from center of rims, red pinstripe on outer edge.
    -Lighten rearsets, smaller footpegs.
    -Adjustable clutch lever.
    -Retain nuts on exhaust studs.
    -Custom machined upper triple clamp.
    -Reinforce rear cowl.
    -And a few other gremlins need hunting down.

    Post your list so we can see what you will be doing this winter.
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    This winter...

    I've already started..

    Twin Head lamp
    Paint Job
    Re-jetting of some sort
    Then clean it as much as i can..
    Maybe sproket and chain
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      Complete tear down and I do mean complete.

      Engine and look to add undercut trany.
      Suspension- rebuild front forks.
      Swing arm - disassemble clean, re-grease and look to shave off some weight.

      What else is there to do when the snow is on the ground..
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        What about an F3 rear swingarm? They weigh less.
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          New chain, sprockets, and cush drive rubbers,

          RaceTech springs and emulators,

          revalved and resprung 900RR shock,

          baffle welded into what there is of my exhaust,

          twin headlights and paint.
          1988 "BlackHawk" project
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            Let's see...

            Install my new 7 spoke rear VFR rim and tire
            Mount my new Tyga body work (upper & lower) (NC30 suzuka style)
            Purchase a set of new rear sets
            Replace my megaphone exhaust w/ an under/side exit carbon can
            Paint complete bike
            wire up a head light and tail light for the street

            That should do it for me. I'm still on the hunt for a side kickstand if anyone has one lying around... anyone?

            88' (Gulf) Hawk GT
            and some non-Hawks...


              Finally replace burnt out turn signal
              re jet carbs and clean them in the process
              run my rear brake line inside frame (its been sitting in my garage for two months now)
              trim and remove passenger peg brackets, move passenger pegs to front
              Find new mirrors ( I heard 599 mirrors work please correct me if im wrong it will save me $)
              replace carb insulators
              find and fix a small oil leak comming down the sides of the motor.
              And get the exhaust powder coated
              It might be a long winter for myself, a newbee.
              90 Hawk. What can I do to make it better?
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                5 more hp
                10 fewer pounds
                Get my lithium battery conversion done
                Programmable ignition with TPS and speedshift

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