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stock jetting?

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    stock jetting?

    anyone know what the stock jetting is for the hawk?
    main jet # ?

    The Hawk GT responds well to jetting changes. Since the bike comes from the factory set-up pretty lean (for emissions purposes) the main goal in rejetting is usually to richen things up. Altering intake (airbox/filters) or exhaust will usually require that you richen up the carbs as well.

    When adjusting your carbs you need to pay attention to the throttle positions that you'd like to adjust. The following table shows the
    approximate throttle range affected by the different carb components:

    * idle to 1/4 throttle - pilot jets
    * 1/4 throttle to 3/4 throttle - needles
    * 3/4 throttle to WFO - main jets

    Jetting is affected by altitude. At higher elevations the air is thinner and therefore the bike will run richer. The factory manual recommends adjusting the pilot jets to compensate for altitude (while the main area affected by the pilot jets is idle to 1/4 throttle it has some affect on the entire throttle range). Turning the pilot screw clockwise will lean things up. [Thx Kirk Roy]

    Factory Pro has an excellent procedure on CV carb tuning available at Stock, the Hawk came jetted with 132 rear and 138 front. It is believed this disparity in jet size between front and rear is due also to emissions control. Many listers have had success with using the same size front & rear jets, and most of the aftermarket jet kits also use the same size jet for front & rear
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      here is a good link
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        thanks folks! it's alot of help.