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F3 Front end w/stock wheel

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    F3 Front end w/stock wheel

    I've got a complete F3 front end for my Hawk and was wondering if there's any way to retain the stock front wheel? I love the looks of the Hawk wheels. Has anyone mounted a second disk to one?
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    Well the OEM wheel does not have the facilty to bolt another disc/rotor.

    You could put the F3 internals into the stock lowers check the link

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      The stock Hawk rotor is actually quite a lot larger in diameter than even an oversize F2/F3 unit. Swept area may be close to the total of both F2 rotors. Many people just run the Hawk rotor on an F2 rim, using the Hawk lower fork and F2 internals. The twin rotor set-up really looks the biz, though.
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