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On ram air and Hawks

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    On ram air and Hawks

    So I can't help but notice that on my CBR-tanked, UNI-podded Hawk there doesn't seem to be much room underneath the gas tank for the engine to breathe. One of the pods even gets slightly smashed under there.

    I also can't help but notice that those pods are wide open to inhaling air from behind the radiator and above the engine, both of which are likely operating near 200 degrees.

    Last time I checked, having intake air that's double the ambient temp isn't the best way to make power.

    So has anybody tried to duct air directly to the pods or stock filter, or to set up a heat shield to ward off hot air from entering the engine?

    Seems like there'd be a good amount of room to make that happen.
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    Thorsten Durbahn makes a very,very cool ram-air box that uses the bottom of the stock Hawk tank to form the lid of the airbox.I'd really love to have one.

    Several racers have made duct work to get cooler air to the carbs - I'll see if I can find a pic of Matt Blashfield's NT to show it: pretty much just a hole in the fairing and some vent hose


      Thorstens page...



        Hord has some too.
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          hord import thorsten's airbox