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Can you bend a subframe back to normal?

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    Can you bend a subframe back to normal?

    Basically my question is the topic. I took a look at the subframe on my bike, a good hard look, and it actually appears to be bent abit since I got the cowl peice and seat and everything off..The seat still goes on it ok, but it looks like it could be bent a half an inch..
    Can I take it off and bend it back straight? Or do I need to purchase a new one??

    Soul - do you live near any of us? You ought to put on another seat and plastic cowling before you diagnose the problem as a bent frame. My cowling tabs were broken in the back, and everything was cockeyed about a quarter inch until I bought a new cowling, and now everything's straight.

    My instinct is, yeah, it can be done - but do you know what you're doing?
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      I'd have to agree with douglas on this one... I do have a spare subframe if you still find that the tail is still cocked.
      It's scary how slow I am!

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        Are you like my personal hero or what? You have got me almost all the parts i have needed for my bike!!
        I will get everything back on the bike and I will see if it looks uneven or anything..
        And No i dont think I live near anyone..that i know of. One of my buddies said he has seen 2 hawks this last week around maybe soon?
        I also dont really know what I am doing..I dont know, i was going to set it on a flat surface (garage floor) and then evenly weight the subframe for awhile?
        I will put everything on it first..then we'll see i guess.
        On another happy note..i found a speedo housing that should be on its way to my place right now.