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Anyone got a Progressive 415 series shock?

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    Anyone got a Progressive 415 series shock?

    Progressive Suspension offers two rear shocks for the Hawk, the first being their #415 series with a remote reservoir. This shock has a progressively wound spring, and adjustable compression and rebound damping, as well as a threaded spring preload adjuster. Their second offering is their 420 series shock with internal reservoir, adjustable rebound damping, and spring preload adjustment.

    I think I have found a bike with a 415 on it. I believe this model was discontinued in 2006. I will call Progressive but I was wonderig if there are any testimonials about this shock or progressives in general.

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    Progressive 415 shock

    My Hawk has one of these (the remote reservoir one), from the original owner. I've been happy with the ride but haven't ridden on another Hawk with a different setup, so I don't have anything to compare it to.

    I did a little bit of research and it seems that this shock is basically rated above the stocker and above the CBR shock, but below Fox or Penske. In short, probably fine for street but not the greatest for track or racing.

    I'd be curious to hear others' experience with this shock...


      Reviving an old topic here. I just bought a Hawk back in April and was told it had a 900 shock on the rear. My remote reservoir has a bunch of rubber added around it. I tore into it and found out it was a Progressive but couldn't find any numbers on it.

      Do you guys have any more info or manuals for the 415?
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        Progressive shock

        I emailed JD about the Progressive 420 series shock his answer was:

        "If the stock shock is a 1 and a Penske a 10, I would put 900RR at about a 4 and Progressive at a 6. The Progressive is a fine stock replacement and improvement but don’t expect to do any serious sporting work with it. The 900RR is ok for the price, no doubt, and can be made to work better with an oil change, but that adds up to $$ too."
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