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GSXR 600 Light on a Hawk

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  • GSXR 600 Light on a Hawk

    Since we can't get the modified headlight harness from Will anymore, I was thinking about replacing the headlamp with one from a GSXR 600. IT had the projector driving lights and regular highbeam.

    I think it will look pretty cool. Kinda looks like a Gas Mask. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone had tried mounting anything other than the circular lamp onto their bikes.

    Any tips or hints would be appreciated. Oh BTW, here's a link to an eBay auction so you know what the light looks like.

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    There is enough info here to build you're own harness:

    I've got a headlight from a (gasp) Harley Vrod on my Hawk (crappy side view in member's rides) and am pretty happy with the light output from it.

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      I forgot to mention that there is a lot of wiring inside the stock headlamp that needs to go somewhere. I managed to hide it all under the tank, or you could make something to put it in that would fit between the fork legs. I'm probably going to redo mine that way, as adjusting the valves now will require moving alot of electrical stuff, making it that much more fun. WOOHOOO!
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        Ross, is that where you got it? Damn, you're one step ahead of me! I was thinking that light would look cool about a week ago! I'm debating whether to go with a Speed Triple setup or one from a VRod - guess whatever's at the salvage yard on Long Island will make my decision for me!

        How's all that wiring look back there under the tank? Can you see it? In my mind the looks-good-factor outweighs the pain-in-the-ass factor. Wonder if there's a way to shorten up that part of the wiring loom?

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          Douglas, You can't see any of the wiring once it's under there. I don't think you could really shorten anything up, since it has to make it to the fuse box, unless you relocated that also. In fact, I had lengthen the wires to the turn signals, and make some wires that went from the headlight plug (now under the tank), out to the two bulbs in the headlight.
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            Ya'll got any pics of how you mounted the GSXR headlight??
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