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  • pat
    this is simular to the haynes in the uk i have got a tick over but when revved hard the engine would cut out and when going back to the bike after cooling down the throttle was stiff ie wouldnt shut on its own,but when started it would shut like it had some resistance on it ?

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  • LeftRightLeftThrottle
    This is quoted from my factory service manual, it states that its USA only so I don't know if this will help or not.


    Pilot Screw adjustment

    Idle drop procedure (USA only)

    *The pilot screws are factory pre-set and no adjustment is necessary unless the pilot screws are replaced.
    *Use a tachometer with graduations of 50 rpm or smaller that will acurately indicate a 50 rpm change.

    1. Turn each pilot screw clockwise until it seats lightly and back it out the the specification given.
    This is an initial setting prior to the final pilot screw adjustment.


    49 st model
    '88 2-1/8 turns out

    '88 Front: 1-1/2 turns out
    Rear: 1 turn out

    California model
    '88 2-1/2 turns out

    '88 1-3/8 turns out
    *Damage to the pilot screw seat will occur if the pilot screw is tightened against the seat.

    2. Warm up the engine to operating temperature. Stop and go riding for 10 minutes is sufficient.

    3.Attach a tachometer according to the manufacturer's instructions.

    4.Adjust the idle speed with the throttle stop screw.

    5.Turn each pilot screw 1/2 turn out from the initial setting.

    6.If the engine speed increases by 50rpm or more, turn each pilot screw out by an additional 1/2 turn until engine speed drops by 50rpm or less.

    7.Adjust the idle speed with the throttle stop screw.

    8.Turn the rear cylinder carburetor pilot screw in until the engine speed drops 50 rpm.

    9.Turn the rear cylinder carburetor pilot screw 1 turn out from the position obtained in step 8.

    10.Adjust the idle speed with the trottle stop screw.

    11.Perform steps 8, 9, and 10 for the front cylinder carburetor pilot screw.

    12.Drive new pilot screw plugs into the pilot screw bores with a 7mm valve guide driver (P/N 07942-8230000). When fully seated the plug surfaces will be recessed 1mm.


    Again this is from the US model NT650 Hawk factory service manual so I'm guessing its different for you but I thought the procedural info might be helpful, I have a haynes manual for my project bike and honestly I think if the manual didn't come from the factory then its missing a lot of pertinent info.

    Good luck, rubber side down!

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  • pat
    started a topic idle adjustment

    idle adjustment

    does anybody know correct starting point for setting the idle scews on the carbs the haynes manual states 2.5 turns from fully wound in,ive been told by an ex honda mechanic they do the front 2.5 turns and the rear 1.5 turns or it wont idle please sombody give us some guidence oh its got a two brothers race exhaust system kn filters without airbox lid and i beilve a pro jet kit also if that makes any difference