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929 rear shock

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    929 rear shock

    say - kwik kwestion.

    ya'll got me going on fixing up the adamo-hawk a bit. first up is the rear shock. am i correct in thinking the hot-set-up is to replace the stock damper with one from a 929 ??

    maybe put the spring from the hawk on the 929's shock ?? i go like a buck-fitty, weight wise.

    that is what i recall. i am not that great a mechanic - does this stuff just bolt from one honda over to the next ??

    lastly - scouring the 'bay i see 929 shocks going for pretty cheap. is this the way ta go for a shadetree yayhoo such as myself ???

    Sorry to sound like a crabby old man but this has been done to death many many times recently.
    Just use the search button above and youll find 2 or 3 threads.
    On one of them JR posted this link

    BTW its a 900RR shock not a 929..


      this one too:

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        sorry !!

        hey sorry - i am new to the deal here.

        i will work on that. thanx for the lead.


          Not fogeting the bible for the Hawk the FAQ on the Resource Center
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