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ignition cylinder swap

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    ignition cylinder swap

    Going to swap to a CBR type ignition cylinder that matches my forks. The Hawk cylinders steering lock doesn't line up nor does the mounting method.
    The CBR cylinders I've seen seem to only have 2 wires... which makes sense to me... The Hawk has like 6 or so... for the parking lights to be turned on I guess. That seems like a pretty useless feature to me.

    If I swap to the CBR cylinder, can I just wire up the 2 wires for ignition, and leave the other wires unattached, or will they need to be jumped somehow, so that the parking lights work under normal driving conditions?

    Haven't even taken a look at the wiring diagrams yet... just figured someone might have been down this road before.

    Course... I could just do away with the lock all together....