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  • Fairing Mounts?

    What is the method of mounting race fairings on a Hawk?

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    Originally Posted by Xanderj13
    What is the method of mounting race fairings on a Hawk?
    It's a fitfo thing.

    There are guys who rivnut the frame. Build brackets off the mounts and existing mounting locations. The bottom is pretty easy. Lots to use down there, top not had either. It's those middle fuckers that get interesting.

    I've done it a few times, back when I wasn't much of a fabricator.. I never had anything that worked out really well. Always used them for a few weekends, got annoyed that they dragged and pulled them. ..

    Not that I'm a pro fabricator now, but I would probably have better luck these days.
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      Just taking a quick look, without knowing what fairings id say I would probably use

      the upper radiator mount,
      forward engine mounts,
      top rear engine mount,
      center stand mount,
      maybe some type of clamp for the frame spars to secure the middle top of the fairing.

      ​​​​​​​Find 20 different guys with fairings you will find 20 different mounting techniques.
      Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


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        In short, whatever the hell works. Like 6 said, everyone does something a little different according to their needs. I have used a Sharkskinz mount for an Airtech fairing. Mounted stuff from the headstock. Mounted a fairing stay from where the front on the tank mounts. Mounted brackets off the frame. I will try to find some pictures, but poking around on the forum will give you some ideas as well.
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          Wellnut in the steering stem hole can help too.
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            Yep whatever works. My current Hawk had race fairings on it. The top was held on by a homemade t shaped bracket that bolted to the front tank mount, with the mirrors mounted on each end of the "T". The headlight by a bracket mounted to four holes drilled behind the steering head. For the bottom/rear a bracket on either side going horizontally.

            You're going to have to make some decisions on weight vs floppiness of your fairings. More points are better but add weight. If you want to get an idea of what a strong but heavy mounting system looks like take a look at a gen 4 VFR or other similar 90's sport tourer. You have a stamped and welded steel bolted to the frame spar then looping up and back for the upper fairing and mirror mounts. The upper fairing is also mounted at the bottom by two sideways brackets bolted to the frame. The other extreme would be a few strands of duct tape.

            Upper mount is the left one headlight is the right.

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